The Dungeon Run


Branding & Social Media

The Dungeon Run is a live-action Dungeons and Dragons show that streams weekly on Twitch. Having departed from their parent studio, it was paramount to start from the ground up to clarify their mission, values, and voice when creating their brand identity. We developed an extensive brand strategy worksheet, creative guidelines including colors and fonts, brand new social media assets, and a new graphic overlay for their show.

In order to create a new brand, first we had to discover the brand identity and heart. We discovered The Dungeon Run's values and mission, identified their audience and key competitors, and their brand voice. Once we knew what this company stood for and what they wanted to communicate to their audience and the world, we were able to commission an artist to create a beautiful, clever new logo that incorporates elements from their show and appeals to their target audience.


Next, we created comprehensive Creative Guidelines detailing colors, typography, messaging, and lingo to be used in all future art and marketing materials.  The logo artist was commissioned to create additional iconography, and textures were developed for graphic design.

From here, we took the brand identity and creative guidelines, as well as some older studio photography, and created brand new social media shareables, as well as all new banners for Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch. We utilized everything from fan art to selfies to create visuals that were fun and engaging, yet recognizable and cohesive. Every social media account received all new custom graphics utilizing the textures, colors, typography, and iconography, that tied the brand together across platforms.

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The show itself also needed a new look that maximized the white space on screen. An entire new set of 12 different Twitch overlays were custom created using elements from the old logo design and the show's old studio set. Animated torches with flickering candlelight illuminate the white space around the cast, and video frames were custom illustrated for each character.

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